We are constantly looking for volunteers, from high school students to seniors, to develop our organization and promote awareness in the Korean-American community. If you would like to share your life with others and contribute to the mission of “beautiful life, beautiful departure,” please contact the office

– Office Assistant

Somang Society’s office is constantly busy. Volunteers are helpful with office operations such as filing, managing memberships, organizing the library and office, and mailing services.

– Campaign and Event Volunteer

Every Somang Society event is in need of simple to professional help. These tasks include event site and parking guidance, Powerpoint production, animation and video production, and photography.

– Somang Care Class

The struggle of the families of dementia patients are often disregarded, despite how family members spend their days with heartaches and body aches. In order to help ease their difficulties, Somang Society has created a program called Somang Care Classroom. A variety of care is required to aid people with Alzheimer’s disease, and volunteers help us do just that. Volunteers can help with activities including hand movements to improve cognitive function, body balance and stretching exercises to promote whole body recovery, thinking skills improvement activities, cognitive recall therapy, reading therapy, puzzle and dictation games, and peaceful gardening.

– Somang Choir

As stated in its name, the Somang Choir shares hope through song and laughter, furthermore spreading happiness and healing. Individuals experiencing gloomy days have the opportunity to experience learning music and harmony. The Somang Choir does not merely entertain others with music; rather, the group is actively engaged in the mission of touching people’s hearts and planting hope. The Choir plays a precious role in spreading joy through song.