Somang Society is a non-profit organization (#77-0695791) established in California, US. Somang Society is funded by donations and operates under uncompromising standards of 100% transparency and integrity.

– Somang Membership

Various engagement opportunities are available to all Somang donors, including but not limited to seminars, conferences and cultural experiences.
  • Lifetime membership : $ 1,200 +
  • General membership : monthly donation of $10 ($10×12=$120)
  • Patron membership : $ 500+
  • Premier membership: $ 10,000+

– Somang Water Well and Somang Kindergarten Project

Somang Society has a mission to build waters wells throughout Africa’s dry lands to bring hope and life. The cost of building a single well in Chad, Africa is $3,500, which includes five years of administrative and maintenance costs. One well can be used by 4,000 residents of nearby villages. Somang Society is also building kindergartens for children living near the wells to educate and empower them to grow as future leaders. $48,000 dollars can build a kindergarten for children in an entire village, to build dreams and hopes for the future. Donors may choose the amount to give to any of the projects. Donors may also choose the name to display on the signage that will accompany each new well and kindergarten..

– Ways to Give

Please click the link below for credit card payments.
Or kindly mail us a check, indicating which Somang Project you would like to join and support. Checks Payable to: Somang Society Address: 5836 Corporate Ave., Ste 110 Cypress, CA 90630