Our Vision


Somang Society is a non-profit organization that promotes enjoying
a beautiful life together and alleviating the suffering of death.


Somang Society was established with a vision to promote ‘Beautiful Life and Meaningful End’. We believe that a “’Beautiful Life’ is fulfilled through enjoying and sharing life together while a “Meaningful End” prepares us to embrace the end of life.


  1. Well-Being through Sharing with others
    We save lives and develop dreams.
  2. Well-Aging through serving others
    We provide opportunities to volunteer and donate to our community
  3. Well-Dying through education
    We promote and educate about aging and end of life issues.

Operating Policy

Somang Society is a Non-Profit Corporation (#77-0695791) founded in California, USA in June 2007.
It is operated through donations from the founder, board of directors, members and sponsors, and is run by 100% transparent and honest management.


  1. Dignity
    All of Somang Society’s programs are intended to establish the dignity of human life.
  2. Integrity
    We transparently maintain political neutrality and operate finance and programs.
  3. Synergy
    We work with community and mainstream non-profit organizations to share up to date information. (Our partners: UCI, ALZOC, ALZLA, CCCC, Chiron Total.)