Community Education and Special Program Grant


Community Education and Special Program Grant

The Korean American seniors and their caregivers are mostly first-generation immigrants and are predominantly monolingual. Despite a wide range of publicly available dementia caregiver resources, many Korean American seniors and their family caregivers suffer greatly due to the limited knowledge and access to dementia resources in their native language-specifically, social and healthcare resources.

With the grant support from the Archstone Foundation in 2018-2019, Somang Society has started a dementia education & support program for enhancing Korean American family caregiver’s knowledge on dementia, dementia care, and caregivers’ self-care. In addition, Somang Society has started to develop strategic partnerships with local organizations serving seniors (i.e., Alzheimer’s Orange County, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles, and OC Aging Services Collaborative) and has been successful in jointly building out more culturally tailored programs towards the Korean American senior community.


  • Alzheimer’s OC’s Building Korean Family Caregiver Support (2018-2021)
  • Southern California Initiative to Support Special Populations Impacted by Alzheimer’s disease (2018-2021)

 Project: Dementia Education and Support Program for Underserved Korean-American Family Caregivers with Limited English Proficiency (2018-2019)

Other Grants

Project: Staff Capacity Development to Better Serve Korean American Older Adults (2021-2022)