Who We Are


Welcome to SoMangSociety

I thank God for placing in my heart the cause that I have worked on for a decade now.
They say that this is what a calling is.
You can’t erase it even if you tried; it’s always on your mind, and it moves your heart.
Because of people with this kind of heart and their prayers, I have brought up a small seed.
The purpose of Somang Society is to understand death and the chaos associated with the process.
We want to build a social support system for people to overcome these desperate situations.
Life is said to be finished by death.
Like “well-being” and “well-dying,” I want to finish life and death more beautifully.
Everyone desires to enjoy a happy life. As a piece of a puzzle, Somang Society plays a vital role in this process. Through this place, we share stories of hope. I hope that beautifully prepared lives can be beautifully finished.

BoonJa Lee

President / Board Chair