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Somang Society is an organization dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of Korean American older adults and their family members in Orange County.
As a proud Korean American myself, I am very disappointed to learn that Asian American and pacific Islanders (AAPI) are one of the most underrepresented racial/ethnic groups in medical research to better diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. If you are like me, you’ll be surprised and disappointed to learn that research projects focusing on AAPI participants make up less than 1% of all federally funded research.
If you are also like me, you’ll want to do something about this.  
As a proud partner of UCI Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders (UCI MIND) to engage Korean American in aging,  dementia research and education, Somang Society has been actively involved in a federally funded survey research project called theCollaborative Approach for Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders Research and Education, or CARE with investigators from California’s best research centers like UCI MIND, UCSF and UC Davis with the goal of increasing Asian Americans representation in research.
I am enrolling in the CARE registry. I hope you will too.
Just visit
All adult Asian, and Asian Americans are eligible. You can enroll in English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese or Vietnamese. Free, confidential, and you will receive a $10 gift card.
By enrolling in CARE, you are agreeing to let researchers contact about new studies, but you are never obligated to participate.
Please make sure to put Somang Society in the survey question “How did you hear about the registry?” 
Once you receive a $10 gift card, you may donate it to Somang Society to support its mission and amazing work toward the Korean community.

UCI Willed Body Program

In 2018, the number of Koreans in Southern California participating in body donations was close to none. The reason for the low number of registrations was the lack of awareness of the importance of body donations. By partnering with UCI Willed Body Program, we educate and inform the Korean community on the importance of body donations for current and next generations. Every year more than 50% of donation registrations are committed by Koreans.

Alzheimer’s Orange County and Alzheimer’s Los Angeles

People who are affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and their family members had a hard time receive resources, information, and support because of language barriers.
By partnering with Alzheimer’s OC and Alzheimer’s Los Angeles, Somang Society was able to establish five Korean-speaking caregiver support groups (four in Orange County and one in Los Angeles) in the past three years. Somang Society also offers seminars and webinars and provides one on one consultation for caregivers.